An Open Letter to Ben Carson (& Caitlyn Jenner)


In the last week, both Ben Carson and Caitlyn Jenner have voiced support for Presidential candidate Donald J.(ackass) Trump. And while anyone who supports Donald Trump is an enigma to me, these two are particularly troubling. Mainly because one is Black and one is a trans woman.

First let me say that I understand that the people of the United States have the right to back any candidate they so choose. But what I’m having a real problem with this time around is understanding why certain people are backing candidates who could give two sh*ts about them. It makes me wonder-do either of them have a television or internet access? Is Caitlyn too busy getting her hair curled, and Ben too busy picking lent out of his bellybutton that they don’t realize just how much Donald Trump doesn’t like either one of them?


Guess not.

Listen, because I couldn’t muster the strength to write two separate letters, here’s my open letter to both Ben AND Caityln:

Ben & Cait,



I used to like you.



Caitlyn, I was down for your cause. I was proud of you when you finally felt comfortable enough to reveal to the world who you truly were. I thought that was brave. People were tearing you down constantly all over social media, mis-gendering you on purpose, and getting a real kick out of it. I didn’t like it. I spoke out against it. But now…

Ben, you were a national hero-especially for Black folk. A little Black boy who didn’t have much, you grew up to be one of the most well known surgeons in the world. Gaining a great deal of respect after performing an incredibly difficult surgery back in 1987, Ben, you were the People’s Champ. But now…

Both of you have lost your damn minds.

Caitlyn, you recently said that Donald Trump in the White House would be “great” for women, and I want to know if you’ve been inhaling too much of Kylie’s hairspray. The man literally called Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly a “bimbo.” He then asserted that the reason rapes and violence against women was so common in the military was because they shouldn’t have put “men and women together.”


Caityln, also, Trump isn’t down for LGBT rights. He opposes them. You DO know that you are a part of that community, don’t you? Oh, Caitlyn, girl.

And Ben, have you seen the footage of Black people being attacked at Trump rallies? What are they gonna do? Get you a special hat that lets everyone know not to attack you when you arrive? Has your good friend Donald spoken out against these attacks…ever? No, he actually said he’d pay their legal fees. He led the birther charge against President Obama, creating a VERY racist climate in this country. He’s led both a racist and xenophobic crusade against both Muslims and Mexicans. He. Did. Not. Disavow. The. Ku. Klux. Klan. The KKK, Ben! Basically, if you and Donald were walking down the street, and the KKK attacked you, Donald would be like, “Whatev. No big deal.” Do you understand what’s happening here, Benny?

I saw “Gifted Hands”, Ben. Your mama didn’t bust her ass all those years for you to be running around here actin’ a fool.

My God.


You’re a puppet, Ben. And Caitlyn, you’re confused. You are not the people we thought we knew.



And that, well that is SO unfortunate.


Letting down Black kids one poor decision at a time. SMH.

Not a soul to be found.

Here are some other concerned Tweeters-

This one kept is short and sweet.

My, my, my, this has been one hell of an election season. What are your thoughts on Ben and Caitlyn’s comments?


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