Sure, I Watch Reality TV, but I Don’t Live a Reality TV Lifestyle-Neither Should You


I watch a lot of reality TV. My DVD is currently set and I plan on watching each and every one of my shows every week, sometimes multiple times if I feel like I missed something. Like many people, I’m drawn to the drama-the entertainment. It’s salacious, it’s intriguing, and sometimes, it’s downright unbelievable. But it’s my guilty pleasure, and to be honest, I’m not ashamed.

You see, I can tell the difference between real life and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Having worked in the entertainment industry, I know a great deal about the production of these shows, and how sh*t really goes down behind the scenes. But unfortunately, I’m not sure that the average viewer does.

I was having a conversation with one of my long time friends (going on 15 years), and we were discussing the nature of friendships between groups of women. She and I, both business-minded, generally positive, and very good friends to OUR friends (if we do say so ourselves), expressed concern that the women we’ve been encountering might have Reality TV Syndrome.

Always down for the drama, women with RTS think that life is just one big Bravo Network soundstage…and it ain’t. Whether it be friends, co-workers or associates, we both agree that there’s something in the air since the introduction of reality TV into our homes. And I’m not talking about Real World, I’m talking about the Housewives series and the Love and Hip Hop brand. Could this culture of “reading” and being “snatched” and “putting people in their place” be poisoning our brains?

Like I said earlier on, I tend to keep calm, and stay away from the drama. I’ve never been a fan of cattiness. It’s just not my style. But I must say, over the years, I’ve noticed a trend among women-even women in my close circles that reflects current pop culture. So just to help everybody out, here are 7 things you just shouldn’t do in your friendships or anywhere else if you aren’t a reality show cast member:

1.“Read” people for no reason. Read a book, honey.


2.Throw “shade.” Don’t be a shady b*tch. (Unless shade was thrown. Then you might have to retaliate…Jesus is still working on me)


3.Get Physical With People. Girl we got good jobs, now. We don’t have time for this.


4.Think everything is about YOU. It ain’t. Stop being a “Diva.”


5.Argue Over a Man. It’s not worth it girl.


6.Be Fake. Damn. She was just your friend, and now you telling all her secrets and reading her for FILTH??



7.A friend who can’t apologize. Don’t be that girl. You messed up? Own it. It makes for a better friendship.


So what do you guys think about Reality TV culture? Is it influencing us in ways we don’t even realize?


One thought on “Sure, I Watch Reality TV, but I Don’t Live a Reality TV Lifestyle-Neither Should You

  1. All too often young women and their 20s and 30s these days are overreacting in situations that call for a simple conversation. A meeting of the minds to come to an understanding. Women don’t know how to be friends anymore and it’s so sad that reality TV is where this example is the most prominent because that truly is all anyone watches these days in some form or the other.

    This was a great article!!!!

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