Why Chris Rock Shouldn’t Boycott the Oscars

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Another awards season, another lily white Oscars, and more awards for people who kinda deserve them. And just like we all were expecting the Oscars to be as pale as the Brady Bunch, we were also expecting Black people to have something to say about it. This year, those people happen to be Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett-Smith. These two have decided to boycott the Oscars, and are calling on Black actors in Hollywood to do the same. While I completely agree with Spike and Jada, and I think the Academy is full of sh*t, there’s one little thing we’re forgetting-Chris Rock’s Black ass is the host.

That’s right. Chris Rock is the host for this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, and personally, I don’t think he should pull out. I think he should stay his Black ass on the program. Because you see, Chris Rock isn’t just regular Black. He’s Blackety Black. Black as hell. He’s change in the Crown Royal bag Black. He’s Luster’s Pink Lotion Black. He’s plastic on the living room couch Black. And that could be a good thing.

Basically, Chris needs to be there to infiltrate the system. Also, he needs to make everybody reaaaalllly uncomfortable. Let’s not forget that Chris Rock is VERY capable of making white people uncomfortable. And the best part about it? He doesn’t give a shit!

He should totally stay on board and use his powers for good.

While people have called on Chris to drop out of the show, I think that would be a huge mistake on his part. We could actually USE his voice. Now if Anthony Mackey, or Don Lemon were set to host, I’d definitely agree that they should drop out-immediately. I mean, no one cares what they have to say anyway. But since it’s Chris-I think we’re on to something here. He’s pretty much the Tiger Woods of the Academy. He snuck in to the party. Except he’s not at all like Tiger Woods because Chris Rock dates Black women…


Spike and Jada aren’t the only ones speaking out about the lack of diversity at the Oscars. Oscar winner Lupita N’yongo also spoke out today via Instagram.

George Clooney as well as David Oyelowo have both spoken out this week.

So obviously guys, when a privileged white man opens his mouth to speak on issues such as these, I think it’s clear-Hollywood, we have a problem.

And sure, Chris Rock making white people uncomfortable may not make much of a difference, but dammit, it sure will be funny, and luckily, it’ll be all over YouTube for years to come.

Here’s my best advice for Chris.

Do it for the culture, Chris.



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  1. Best blog written in regards to the awards in ages. I 100% agree. Chris Rock must show them they’re crazy by being everything they’re not.

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