GOPBlackChick & Her Never Ending Pursuit of Self-Worth -9 Times Her Coonery Went Overboard


I don’t know if I need to say this-but…I think Crystal Wright is trash. Crystal Wright, better known as “GOPBlackChick” on Twitter, spends her days trolling the Black Lives Matter movement, and Black people in general, while pledging her allegiance to the lilliest white of her Twitter followers along with various politicians. She does this, of course, in an attempt to seem better educated and more sophisticated than other Black people-who undoubtedly in her mind are all violent, lowbrow, ruffians that she’d be better off distancing herself from. Frankly, I’m not sure how she can even see clearly enough to tweet all of these awful things with her head so far up white supremacy’s ass and all. But apparently-she makes do.

Though Crystal makes my stomach turn, I also find her very fascinating. She’s an oxymoron, to say the least. A Black woman, who one minute is tweeting about how unjustly the legal system treats Black people, (this is rare) and the next minute is bullying Black people online, and blaming them for the same system she’s just condemned on her timeline a day or two before. Truly fascinating this whole thing is-Crystal’s never ending pursuit of self-worth. While I don’t wish harm on ANY person, ever, I wouldn’t shed a tear if she, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson and Stacey Dash took a nice long trip to Never Never Land and never came back.

Yea. She’s THAT bad. But you don’t have to take my word for it. See for yourself. Click below for 9 times GOPBlackChick cooned so hard her tophat fell off. And get this-These were just in the last month!

Make sure you click the links in the tweets!










FYI: That is NOT Tamir Rice. Just how low will Crystal Wright go for a piece of the American pie?


One thought on “GOPBlackChick & Her Never Ending Pursuit of Self-Worth -9 Times Her Coonery Went Overboard

  1. Well first off I never heard of her before of course checking in with one of the most intelligent women I know (Karma Jonez) to see what was new on the blog so not only is this girl irrelevant but she is an IDIOT. I hope her and Stacy Dash have to take an SOL with no study guide to get to heaven. They don’t deserve to sit with US 👀

    A pissed off reader (smh at this coonery)

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