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Beautiful, bold, and down to earth, Ashley Maltbia is certainly someone who should be on your radar. A Detroit native, Ashley has no problem speaking her mind, and she definitely understands the value of hard work. Determined to walk in her purpose, living every day like it’s her last, Ashley has managed to build a name for herself as an outstanding business woman with confidence, charisma, and class. 

Growing up in Detroit, Ashley was cultivated through educational programs such as Horizons Upward Bound. Programs like these gave her a glimpse into the importance of education, exposure, and the power of giving back. A Howard University grad, Ashley has a BA in Telecommunications Management and Economics and went on to obtain an MBA from the University of Maryland, University College.

After a stint in Corporate America as a business development analyst in Washington, DC, Ashley packed up her car and relocated to Atlanta, GA on a whim. Whatever didn’t fit in the car was left behind as she embarked on a new life fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit.  In Atlanta, Ashley began a career in Commercial Real Estate serving as Vice President of Industrial Investment Sales-specializing in the acquisition and disposition of Industrial properties.

With a background in income producing investments and a keen understanding of the need for financial empowerment in our communities, Ashley started Maverick Consulting, a fully licensed insurance, investment, and retirement planning firm. Maverick Consulting offers clients insurance, self-employed retirement plans, supplemental health insurance, tax planning and credit guidance. With their clients’ needs in mind, Maverick has started The “Minority Wealth Agenda” which is focused on enriching, empowering, and prioritizing the financial planning and preparedness of the underserved.


I got a chance to sit down with Ashley, and here’s what she had to say:

1.Why did you decide to take on the task of educating people about financial freedom/empowerment? Why is that your passion? How did the Maverick Firm come about?

With the current social climate, what we leave for future generations matters. Our power is economic and its where I choose to fight. As a young business owner from Detroit, I have seen what survival and loss look like. That inspires me.  I am passionate about achieving beyond limitations and inspiring others to do the same. Maverick Consulting is the vehicle to creating financial awareness and responsibility in our communities.


maltbia12.”Own your land. Insure your family. Invest in your future.” Why is that so important?


Maverick started the ‘Minority Wealth Agenda’ with these 3 basic tenets at the forefront of the movement.The Minority Wealth Agenda is focused on enriching, empowering, and prioritizing the financial planning and preparedness of the underserved. With as much as we spend, it is possible to ensure we don’t have to see people taking up collections for funerals and expenses. I funded my own education and intend to educate others in ways to eliminate such great student loan debt. My grandfather was a successful farmer. They say that he cold turn sand to soil! I’m amazed by that and reminded of how much agriculture means in our community and how many millionaires it has produced. It’s time to get back to the basics in order to be as great as we can be as a whole. Not every generation has to start from the bottom, our futures are contingent upon us using what we have to get where we want to be.


3.What is the biggest mistake young, black people make when it comes to handling their money?

Believing that they haven’t achieved enough to invest in the future. We have to start building and investing young and teaching finance within our families.  That is what Maverick Consulting is all about. We have to think differently about finance and what we prioritize.


4.What is the biggest obstacle you’ve run into thus far with this business?

I’d have to say the biggest opportunity has been the need to educate people on how big a role insurance, personal and business credit, and retirement planning play in our lives. Letting people know that financial legacy is not reserved for the already wealthy or that it is based on what color, race, or gender you are.


maltbia25.What’s been your biggest accomplishment?


My biggest accomplishment is surviving everything life has thrown my way. I’ve made it through it all. I recently returned to Detroit to speak at the same luncheon that I once received a college scholarship from. It’s been amazing. Inspiring kids just like me to dream beyond circumstance, and to be living proof that they can make it in this world is just such a blessing.


6.What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten since college? (Undergrad)

Since graduating Howard University, I’ve experienced working in Corporate America, picking up in the middle of the night and moving to Atlanta with just the things I could fit in my car, serving as a VP at a successful commercial real estate company, and the best piece of advice I’ve gotten is to get up everyday. Get up, show up, keep the faith, and press on. Stay flexible and fluid because this journey through life is much bigger than just you and I.


7.What are your hopes for the next 5 years?

To continue building a successful firm and team of agents to insure a nation. We intend to spread financial education and empower others to do the same.


8. I know you’re a woman about your business, but we all like to have fun every now and again- what’s on your playlist?

Trina, classic Lil Kim, Old school Foxy Brown, and all music that remind me of my power as a black woman!

Well alright now! To keep up with Ashley and all the moves she’s making, be sure to join the movement by following Maverick Consulting on social media:


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