Watch: Trailer for Spike Lee’s Controversial Film “Chi-Raq” Has Been Released


Spike Lee has been getting a lot of mixed reviews about his upcoming film Chiraq. Set in Chicago, Spike attempts to highlight the ongoing violence in parts of the city that have prompted people nationwide to question what exactly is going on out there. What about Chicago is different than any other place on the map?

Although “Chi-Raq” (meant to reference Iraq) is a name that many Chicago residents have given the troubled city DUE to the gun violence, many others take issue with the title of the film, calling it offensive. Then others are just reaaally skeptical about EVERYTHING.

Well I actually watched the trailer, and it’s giving me School Daze. School Daze was a classic! How soon we forget. Listen, this is Spike Lee. He doesn’t really make bad movies. I respect the man and his craft. He’s using art to say the things he wants to say and to address a very serious and important issue. I don’t see the problem. But hey, what do I know? Check it our for yourself.



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