KarmaJonez Exclusive: Karma Attends Private Screening of “Selling It: In the ATL”


As many of you know, the last WE TV reality show that snatched my wig was “Cutting It in the ATL”. Those girls really had me going from beginning to end. And now, it looks like WE TV has another group of successful Atlanta businesswomen that they’re about to introduce. I was invited to the advanced screening of WE TV’s “Selling It: In the ATL” last night, and it was a blast! Click below for the tea.

So everyone from Sheree Whitefield and Cynthia Bailey of Real Housewives, to Mimi Faust (Love and Hip Hop ATL) and Carl Anthony Payne (Martin) was in the building. The red carpet event brought out all of the Atlanta celebrities and socialites per usual. It was a packed house! They had delicious food and cold beverages, so you know I was down! And these were cute. WE TV always knows how to make their guests feel welcomed.


But before I move on to the good stuff…sidebar: I found out that Sheree Whitfield is an EXECUTIVE producer on this show. Get those COINS Sheree, girl!

She’s been posting about the new show all week:

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So what’s the show about?

Let me explain. For those of you who don’t know, Atlanta is swarming with women who are about their business! Go getters. Entrepreneurs. They’re on the rise, and they’re taking over! In this case, the seven women are taking over the real estate game, no questions asked. Tensions rise as the women compete for the number one spot in their field!The cast includes realtors Gwen Moss, Jae Christian, Tahlia Brown, Chrishena Stanley, Alana Brown, Faia Lowe and Okedia Wilson.

Oh my!

Via WETV.com

With clients ranging from NFL players and music industry giants to CEOs and foreign diplomats, these boss women use their business acumen and large personalities to close deals. When the Old & New South clash and alliances shift, can profits prevail over personal drama?

Marc Juris, WE TV’s president had this to say:

“Atlanta is a flourishing city, rich with diverse personalities and compelling stories for WE TV to showcase. So many of our originals including Cutting It, Braxton Family Values and Mary Mary have ties to the Atlanta community, which has helped us cultivate a loyal audience in the market.  Selling It is a great addition to our slate and helps further our commitment to stories about all kinds of relationships — in this case a group of friends and frenemies set against the high-pressure work environment of real estate.”


Hmmm…something tells me these girls are more like enemies…but what do I know? You can tune in to “Selling It” tomorrow, November 5th at 10 PM on WE TV.


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  1. Great article! Another reason I’m moving to ATL; some of the more proactive women may be in need of an escort!!!!!!

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