Wine and Halloween Candy Pairings You’ll LOVE


A few months back, I came across the fabulous McBride Sisters. Robin and Andrea intrigued me when I first read about their story, and they continue to so. Every now and again, I drop by their site, and I always find something new and exciting!

Here’s a little background about The Sisters.


Uniting in 1999

Though continents apart, we were both raised around vineyards in newly developing wine regions (Monterey, California, and Marlborough, New Zealand)—each independently fostering our own appreciation for the craft of winemaking and each unaware of the other for nearly half our lives. 

Despite the 7,000 miles that separated us, we would eventually find our way to each other in 1999. Our story, proof of the bond that can form over a bottle of wine and is a story we’re now telling with all McBride Sisters creations. 

The Wine Business

With over 10 years in the wine business we have been involved in every facet of the industry from grape growing, winemaking, importation, distribution, sales and marketing. Our passion lies in making wine and connecting with our wine lovers around the world. 

As a Négociant we have two wine brands under the McBride Sisters banner: the first is Wines from New Zealand, the second is the newly unveiled Truvée Wines from the Central Coast of California.      

Now that we got THAT out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff…

The title is self-explanatory, so we won’t mess around. Here you go!

1. Pop Rocks and Moscato — Remember our rules on wine and food pairings? In case you forgot, the combination of sweet watermelon pop rocks and the slightly sweet Moscato with orange blossom and grape flavors, pair perfectly. These two combined will create an explosion of fruit salad and sweet smelling flowers in your mouth!


2. Sour Patch Kids & off-dry Riesling

Sweet and sour pairs exceptionally well and the Riesling flavors echo the candy. Just imagine a high paced, back and forth, ping pong match of flavors in your mouth! Starting with grapefruit, then peach, the green apple, then hibiscus, then Meyer lemon – match point!


3. Nerds & Chenin Blanc (demi-sec) 

Slightly sweet Chenin Blanc has flavors of pear, peach and passion fruit. With that in mind, we’re loving the sour peach nerds enhancing this wines stone fruit flavors. The sour components from the nerds balance the sugar and create a harmonious experience


Yum. This is getting good…for the rest of the tasty pairings, click here!



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