“Send Me a Pic”-Hell No! Here’s Why.


Ladies, we’ve heard it time and time again when we meet a new man. You’ve been talking on the phone, and most likely texting throughout the day and night. Things are going really well. This could potentially be the one. YES! Finally! And then it happens. That dreaded text message comes through…”Send me a pic.” You throw the phone. FUUUCCCCKK.



Men. I’m about to put you up on game. It’s obvious that some of you really need my help, so like always, I’m here to save the day. The “Send Me a Pic” text is a conversation that women have over wine like at least 1,000,000,000 times a week worldwide. It’s time you find out why we hate it so much.

I talked to ten women from all over the country. Here’s what they had to say:

1. “Don’t ask me for anything, especially anything sexual that I haven’t offered. Let me feel free and comfortable enough with you to offer.”


2.“It’s kinda high school to me.”


3. “Once a guy asks that question, I feel like the excitement is gone. The innocence is gone. From that very moment, I feel like an object to obtain or conquer. Even if it’s merely a pic of my face.”


4. “If you have my number you know what I look like, so what you need a picture for? What are you going to do with it?”


5.“Why do you need one? Especially if you follow me on social media?”



6.“I don’t like it. Especially if we haven’t even talked long enough to be on that level. Social media shows you what you need to see.”


7.“I’m not your woman. And if this were the 70’s they’d actually have to ask you out to see you.”


8.“It’s annoying. We just met. We might not even be speaking tomorrow.”


9.“It’s creepy. And dudes just try to come up with creative ways to get nudes. I don’t want pics I can’t control floating around.”


10.“If we’re on that level, you’ll likely not need to ask.”

So you see men? This is what women have to say about it. So if you’re asking every woman you meet for a pic…


But maybe there’s a good reason why you guys do this. Care to explain? Comment below.


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