Remove Money From the ATM With Your Eyes-Yep, You Read That Right!


Well these people are really getting good with this whole technology thing, aren’t they? Now, if you bank with CitiBank, you can withdraw money from your account by just scanning your eyes at the ATM. Diebold, a biometric technology company, has teamed up with CitiBank to introduce their new eye-scanning ATMs, and apparently it’s really easy and convenient! The machine is called “Irving” and is actually nicknamed “the headless ATM”, paying subtle homage to Washington Irving, the author of Sleepy Hollow.

Via ABC News-

“There was some concern with registering the iris. It comes down to how you portray to the consumer. If it’s very sci-fi, it’s less appealing. Some people were uncomfortable with scanning their iris, but okay with registering their fingerprints,” says David Kuchenski, overseer of Diebold’s business development of innovation.


So basically what happens is, the customer would sign into their mobile app, select how much cash they want, their eyes are scanned, and voila! It’s raining money. What do we think about this? Too much, or is this a great idea? I think this could really cut down on theft. But scammy scammers always find away around these kinds of things, don’t they?


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