The Halle Berry Affect


Halle Berry is one of this country’s national treasures. She’s gorgeous. She’s been on like a million “Most Beautiful People” lists. She’s every man’s dream girl. Her body is smoking…her face is flawless and her skin is super glowy. She’s everything. But that hasn’t stopped her relationships from failing.

Now Halle Berry isn’t the only beautiful woman who can’t seem to stay in a relationship. There’s Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift. But I think most people are fascinated with Halle Berry’s failed relationships because well…she’s Halle Berry.

Now as we’re hearing the news of Halle’s most recent divorce from Olivier Martinez, I have to wonder how real the Halle Berry Affect (TM) is. I mean, do other beautiful women have this affect as well? I’m willing to bet my favorite pair of shoes the answer is “yes.”

What’s the Halle Berry Affect, you ask? Well it’s when you’re a beautiful woman, but you just can’t keep a man. I mean, it looks like you have all your sh*t together from the outside looking in. And men are constantly asking you, “Why are YOU single?” “What did YOU do to your ex for him to break up with you?”

Exhibit A-

Whew! Well that was harsh Terry. Especially since your ex husband has an eyebrow arch out of this world, and couldn’t have been any more down low than if he and Mr. Biggs were having a conversation in his living room back in 1995. But let’s be honest–it’s what we were all thinking.


I know plenty of beautiful women who can’t seem to stay involved with someone for more than five minutes. But it seems like everyone is blaming Halle for all of her failed relationships. From Eric Benet and David Justice, to Micheal Ealy and Gabriel Aubry, Ms. Berry just can’t seem to get a good grip.

Halle-Berry-Gabriel-Aubry-MainBut is it really all her fault? Is it fair to blame Halle for all of her breakups? I mean, don’t get me wrong, when I first heard about the divorce, I blamed her. My immediate thought was, “What the f*ck is wrong with Halle?” Is she crazy? Is she selfish? Is she horrible in bed? And I seriously don’t know why that is. Why was I so quick to assume that it was HER?

I don’t feel like most of us do that with any other celebs when they break up with their lovers. But maybe we do. I don’t know. But there seems to be some sort of fascination with Halle Berry’s failed relationships. It’s like we’re all in awe that a woman so beautiful could have so much bad luck with men.


What do you think? Are we unfairly judging Halle…I mean, none of us really know the lady. And WHY do we assume that all of her relationships are her fault? Or do you believe that her failed relationships ARE her fault? Also, are YOU a beautiful woman who’s experienced The Halle Berry Affect (TM)? Why is it that so many beautiful women who seem to have everything going for themselves can’t seem to succeed in relationships? Or better yet, why do people always assume that beautiful women who are single are flawed in some way??





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