Balmain x H&M Collab: Oh my!


On November 5th, I’m pretty sure every H&M in the world is going to need extra security. Like, heavy duty. Something tells me that this new Balmain H&M collection is going to send everyone into a tizzy. I mean, realistically, it already has.

So let’s take a peek at the lookbook–

balmain2 balmain3 balmain4 balmain5 balmain6 balmain7 balmain8 balmain9 balmain10 balmain11 balmain12 balmain13 balmain14 balmain15 balmain16 balmain18 balmain19 balmain20 balmain17balmain21balmain22

Very sexy. Very chic. Very Balmain.

So now I’m sure you’re wondering how much all of this is gonna cost ya…

Well I’m gonna give you a general idea:

Jackets and blazers are gonna run you anywhere from $99-$400

Belts-$99 and up




Skirts-$59 and up

Dresses-$150 and up


Headphones (yes, headphones)-$50

And if you want ANYTHING that Kylie Jenner has on, it’s probably $500 plus. I think the most expensive thing I’ve seen so far was around $650.

So get those wallets ready. But I BETTER NOT…I repeat BETTER not see some of y’all in these fashions. You know who you are! Just because it’s cheaper than norm, it still doesn’t mean you can afford it! This has been my PSA!

A few words from the mastermind-Olivier Rousteing

So what do you think? Are you loving the collection?? Of course you are!


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