Man Who Posed as Uber Driver, & Raped Passenger Has Been Sentenced


Seriously. Uber is beyond creepy. Taxis are too, to be honest. You’re literally getting in the car with a stranger. The number one thing your mama told you NOT to do as a kid. And let’s be honest, Uber doesn’t have a great record when it comes to its drivers. But unfortunately, it’s not just people who work for Uber that are scary, it’s the people who are POSING as Uber drivers as well! Take Alejandro Done, for instance.

According to the NY Daily News, 47-year-old Alejandro Done of Boston, Massachusetts “pleaded guilty on Friday to charges of aggravated rape, kidnapping and assault and battery.” Last December, Done reportedly convinced his victim that he was the Uber driver she ordered. He reportedly drove the woman to a secluded area, covered her mouth to muffle her screams and sexually assaulted her.

He’s been sentenced to 10-12 years in prison.

The Uber horror stories don’t stop there. Recently, in San Francisco, a woman by the name of Eva Batey requested an Uber. Things got real intense after the driver did not see Batey standing where he thought she should be. After telling the driver where she was, he responded by saying this, “No you’re not. I’m at 400 Dubose Avenue and you are not there. Where the fuck are you? What kind of person isn’t there when they call an Uber?”

It got worse. After cancelling the ride, (like any sane person would do) the driver called back threatening to rape the young woman. “How about I stick my d*ck in your p*ssy? I see you there. Look at me. I see you there, on your phone!”

The driver then went on to call the woman a bitch and threatened to rape and kill her. He continued to call her five more times back to back after she called the police.


So because Uber is super convenient, I know people aren’t going to completely stop using the service. But I’d like to offer a few tips that I use when catching an Uber:

1.Try to ride in groups. Uber allows riders to split the fair, and it’s super easy to do.

2.If you can’t ride in a group, take a good look at the driver on the app and decide whether or not you want to ride. It’s OK to cancel the trip. I try to get female drivers if possible.

3.Make sure the driver has a “U” (the Uber “U”) on their car window. They’re supposed to have those posted when they are on the clock.

4.Put the address in your phone also. If the drivers goes off route, bring it to their attention.

5. Always have the police on speed dial. Like, have your finger ready to push “call”

6.When catching Uber, always stand in a well lit area. Always get DROPPED OFF in a well lit area.


8.Pay attention to the rate other customers have given the driver. Read the comments.

9.Carry mace.

10.Take a pic of the license plate. If you feel you are in danger, you can send the pic to your friends and family so they can alert the police.

Be safe out there y’all!


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