First Lady Michelle Obama Launches New Website for Students


First Lady Michelle Obama is passionate about a lot of things. She’s brought many of her passions to the forefront with several initiatives, many of them focusing on health, women’s equality, and education. Now, as a part of her Reach Higher Initiative, Mrs. Obama is launching a new website called

This website will serve as resource for students who are college bound, while also giving students the opportunity to share their college experiences with other students all over the country.

The site will feature information about SAT and ACT tests, financial aid, and assistance with filling out college applications.

“I believe that education is the single-most important civil rights issue that we face today. Because in the end, if we really want to solve issues like mass incarceration, poverty, racial profiling, voting rights, and the kinds of challenges that shocked so many of us over the past year, then we simply cannot afford to lose out on the potential of even one young person,” said Obama in a statement.

Alright now! Go Michelle!


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