Cuffing Season Is Approaching- 11 Things Single Women Aren’t Looking Forward to In the Coming Months


So it’s already mid-October and the season draft has begun. No, I’m not talking sports…even though dating has become somewhat of a sport these days. I’m talking “Bae” draft season. Summer’s over, and as we relunctantly put away our floaties, grills, and short shorts, us single people have come to the realization that we’re…well…SINGLE. So I talked to a few of the single ladies in my life, and we came to some conclusions. There are a few things we’re going to miss about being “booed up.” And there are quite a few things we aren’t looking forward to.

1. Digging our own damn car out of the snow-

MmmmmOHMYGOD. There is nothing worse than having somewhere to go, and your car is ankle deep in snow. What is a girl to do when she has somewhere to go, but mother Nature is ruining all of her plans? I guess she has to get to diggin’?


2.Visiting home for the holidays-

Nobody wants to go home empty-handed for the holidays. And I’m not talking showing up without a side dish, I’m talking about not showing up with a MAIN dish. A boo. Your auntie never misses a beat when you come home for the holidays. Before you can sit down and get a good drink in your hand, your relatives are asking you where your “friend” is. Eventually, you have to tell them that your “friend” is nowhere to be found.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, Dylan McDermott, Charles Durning, Robert Downey Jr., Holly Hunter, Cynthia Stevenson, Anne Bancroft, Geraldine Chaplin, 1995, (c) Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

3.Snow Days-

Although I absolutely hate winter weather, one thing I love about this time of the year is the inevitable snow day. Let’s be honest, it’s no fun being snowed in by yourself. That’s just a fact, Jack!


4.Holiday parties-

Ugh. You need a date for the trillions of holiday parties you’ve been invited to. But you just aren’t serious enough with anyone to ask them to accompany you. So yes–you show up by yourself. But you brought your smile. Everybody should be grateful!



Now that football season is here, a “bae” is very necessary. Men bring a certain level of excitement to football season. The food, the yelling, the over the top public display of manliness. It just isn’t the same when you and your girls are watching the game together. And even if football isn’t your thing, it’s just a fun time of year, and if your boo is happy, you’re happy too–even if it means getting beers a chicken for him and his friends.


6.Holiday Shopping & Getting Gifts for Bae-

Shopping during the holidays is super fun. (Unless you’re one of those people who like to wait in line overnight just to get a new flatscreen TV…in that case, you’re not fun at all). But going out to the mall during the holidays is typically a cheerful experience. And getting to exchange gifts with your man is even more fun. When you’re single, you don’t get a gift from bae :/


7.Sleeping Alone-

It’s cold. It’s dark. We wanna cuddle. That bed gets reeeaaal chilly when you’re laying there by yourself at night. Can a sista get a little cuddle action?



I love decorating for the holidays, but one thing I don’t like doing is decorating for the holidays by myself. It’s more fun when someone else is around!


9.Warming Up the Car-

Wait. So you mean EYE have to warm up on my OWN car in the mornings before work? WHHYYYY GOOODDD?!


10. Group Trips-

I received this text this week and I must say, it was kinda annoying. LOL!



11.Your Hoodie-

Hand over the hoodie and no one will get hurt! Here’s the deal–your hoodie is my hoodie, and that’s the way it’s gonna be. See, us women love to steal our men’s hoodies. And if we’re single, where the hell are we gonna get hoodies from??? The store?!


But in all seriousness…this post is meant to poke fun at me and my single friends, but I want everyone to know that being single is no cause for a meltdown. Many of these things, you can do with your good friends. That’s why there are things like “Friendsgiving.” Two years ago, I spent Christmas with one of my good friends and her family. And you know what? I had a BLAST!

Life is what you make it. Single or not. So enjoy the upcoming holidays, whether you’re single or taken. Cheers!



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