10 Best Posts from Drake’s Daddy’s Instagram Page


In the wee hours of the morning, I stumbled upon gold. An unexpected treasure. Every now and again, in social media land, you stumble upon a Twitter or Instagram account that brings you great joy. My latest obsession–Drake’s dad.

Drake AKA Mr. Champagne Papi is quite a character, himself. Everything from his clothes, to his raps to his photo shoots, this guy really is the entertainer of all entertainers. And judging from Drake’s pappy’s Instagram page, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.


I mean, I think we can all agree that this is a priceless moment. What isn’t invaluable about Canadian born rapper, Aubrey Graham taking a relaxing bubble bath, while enjoying top notch hookah?

I’d pretty much frame this if I had a frame that was worthy.

Fortunately, I found something just as amazing this morning. Something that I just can’t bring myself to look away from–Drake’s dad’s Instagram account.

Have you met Drake’s dad? Let me introduce you.


This is Dennis Graham–the father of the pop phenomenon that we now know as Drake. This is the man that hasn’t cut his mustache in over 30 years. This is Drake’s daddy. And like most of our parents, Dennis has gotten ahold of some technology and continues to make all of our lives better with just one click of his finger.

Here are the 10 best IG posts from DG:

1.You eff with Champagne Papi, you eff with DG!

2. Believe that!

Hahahaha Everyone is getting one for Christmas,Believe That

A post shared by Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) on

3. Family Over Everything! Oh, and I play the piano!


A post shared by Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) on

4. Gotta obtain that info!

5. You NEVER wanna be outside of the frame!

Inside the Frame @nativhotel fantastic@Rhett

A post shared by Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) on

6. We stay away from the “Big, classless” babes

@Jesse Small classy Babes

A post shared by Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) on

7.I love the word “classy” and I’m about to drop my single!

Coming soon everybody we are just about there

A post shared by Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) on

8. He’s a man just trying to help these young ladies achiever their dreams!

This young lady is an aspiring model if anyone can help her up @itsjarin

A post shared by Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) on



A post shared by Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) on

10. Drake is STILL his baby <3

My Baby and me just kicking it,Beautiful Moments 🙏🏽💯

A post shared by Dennis Graham (@therealdennisg) on

Needless to say, so stalk Drake’s daddy’s page!


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