What Do You Do When Haters Try to Ruin Your PRIDE Parade? Shower them with Flowers, of Course


Atlanta is known for a lot of things–its inability to handle any weather conditions outside of a nice, sunny day, its booming entertainment industry, sports, good food, great colleges, and well, our very large LGBTQ population. So it’s only natural that a PRIDE parade would take place here, and that it would be a really big deal with lots of media coverage. But of course, where there’s an LGBTQ celebration, there are also protestors. They’re usually shouting and waving signs about God, AIDS, and pedophilia. Yep. And the angry group showed up right on time for the PRIDE festival over the weekend–but I don’t think things went exactly how they had planned. They weren’t greeted by attendees with hate or malice, but rather with some nice, big, beautiful flowers.

Via 11 Alive

The 45th annual Atlanta Pride Parade was held in downtown Atlanta on Sunday, drawing crowds from around the United States.

The parade made its way from the civic center MARTA station before heading down Peachtree and finally ending at Piedmont Park.

The event, which has drawn more than 200,000 people in the past brought out big crowds once again, Sunday.

Take a look–

HA! This made my soul smile.


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