The Revolution Was Not Televised-#JusticeorElse Over the Weekend


This past weekend, on the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, thousands of people gathered in the nation’s capital once again to join forces, hearts, minds, and above all else, to demand justice in a country where many people of color face injustices on the regular. This wasn’t a violent protest, this protest didn’t result in dead bodies, property damage or anything of the like. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Positive people of color in abundance–a sea of brown as far as far as the eye could see. Yet, the media coverage was scarce. Why is that?

You see, during the Baltimore Uprising, we got 24 hour news coverage from all of the major media outlets. When things got heated in Ferguson, I thought we’d never hear the end of it. But now that thousands of people of color have gathered peacefully–crickets.

In fact, the only outlet who showed ANY integrity on that day was CSPAN, who provided live coverage of the events. Revolt actually stepped up to the plate as well. Not even a peep from BET, the network who continues to call themselves the leaders in “Black Entertainment Television.”

I think that says a lot about this country, and what’s more is it says a lot about why the march was even necessary in the first place. There is an agenda. There is an agenda to paint people of color in the worst possible light, and shed darkness on anything positive that might take place within our communities.

Many of the pieces I saw afterward were from Black people attempting to discredit the movement, and seemingly missing the entire point. Many of the other pieces were just a matter of fact take on the march. But regardless of who covered and who didn’t cover #JusticeorElse , WE DID.  We told our own story. And that’s comforting.

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We see you. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. We know what’s up. We’re kind alike that girlfriend who asks her boyfriend questions she already knows the answer to. We already know what’s up. We’re just waiting on this country to admit it.


Check out some highlights from the Minister’s speech.

“You play with lives of poor people, indigenous people, Black people, women. You play with lives of soldiers, who have given their lives on a foreign battlefield, only to come home and rejected.”

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