New Emojis Coming At Ya Next Year! Here’s a Sneak Peak.

Young girl texting at the beach

We all love emojis. They make text conversations so much more fun. Like, I seriously don’t know where I’d be without the side eye emoji. How would I express how I feel about most things on any given day? But just when I thought I had all the emojis I needed in life…more are on the way!

Via Buzzfeed:

The Unicode Consortium, the group of tech companies that oversees the system that converts computer code to readable text, has released a list of 67 emojis that have been accepted as candidates for potential inclusion into the official Unicode language.

Well alright! Check out some of the possibilities!

newemoji1 newemoji2 newemoji3 newemoji4 newemoji5newemoji6

I’m totally digging the selfie hand emoji FYI.

newemoji7 newemoji8 newemoji9 neweomoji10

First of all…absolutely YES to the whiskey emoji. I used to get soooo sad when I couldn’t rep for the lark diquor, I mean the dark liquor drinkers via text and social media. It’s a complete bummer!

And can I just say, that this new cucumber emoji now gives us another way to describe penis. So yay to that too!

But don’t get too excited, the Consortium geeks don’t meet until May of next year. So I guess we’ll just have to make due with what we have for now. But let’s be honest, what we have already is pretty damn cool.


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