Karma Korner: This Man is Letting His Son Wear a Dress for Halloween & I’m Here For It


A man in Chesapeake, VA is making the news after posting an adorable picture of his son to Facebook. The picture shows his son making the cutest face while trying on his Halloween costume…which just so happens to be a blue princess dress.


Meet Caiden. The cutest little drop of joy I’ve seen in a while.

So as you can see, Caiden is having a BLAST in his formal wear. Apparently the little tyke is totally obsessed with the oh so popular Disney movie Frozen, and appropriately, Elsa is his favorite character. It’s only right he dresses up as her for Halloween, right?

While some dads, well A LOT of dad’s may have had a problem with their son dressing up as a princess, Caiden’s dad, 28-year-old Paul Henson, absolutely does not.

Henson told Buzzfeed that he did originally try to convince Caiden to wear another costume, but the stubborn little toddler was NOT down. He wanted to be Elsa!

Henson says that when he shared the pic to Facebook, he didn’t think he was doing anything out of the ordinary, but woke up to find that he and Caiden had become overnight celebrities.

“I woke up the next morning and I was like, ‘holy crap it’s been shared a couple thousand times,’” Henson said. “I couldn’t log into my Facebook.” And perhaps best of all, Henson said the messages he’s receiving are almost exclusively positive.

Henson told Buzzfeed that HIS parents raised him to always be himself, and he wants the same for Caiden.


“Support your children, love them, they look up to you as their heroes,” he said. “Why not help them achieve their goals?”


I think that’s a pretty good message, don’t you think? This warms my heart. THIS is what good parenting looks like. As a parent, it is your job to protect your children, without stifling them. You should not be your child’s enemy, or their bully. You should always do what’s in their best interest. And because his kid wearing a princess dress isn’t hurting a damn thing, Paul made a good decision by letting Caiden express himself.

How do you guys feel about this? Would you let your child dress in a way that doesn’t reflect the gender roles put in place by society?



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