Want Green Poop? Eat Burger King’s New Halloween Burger


Boo!(Boo) That’s right. Burger King’s new Halloween Whopper is scaring the sh*t out of people all across the country. And it’s not because it’s a scary looking burger (which it is)…it’s because there’s an epidemic of green poop nationwide.

burgerPersonally, I don’t feel bad for the people who are complaining of green poo. I mean, who eats a burger with a black bun anyway? *cringe*

But apparently there’s a science behind the funny colored poop. Gizmodo.com broke it down:

The dyes that make the bun black are a combination of Yellow #6, Red #40, Caramel Color, and Blue #1. Blue #1 is also known as Brilliant Blue FCF. Brilliant Blue doesn’t absorb well in the intestines, so it often comes out in the poop—it just doesn’t come out blue. The internet is full of concerned parentstalking about giving their kids a purple drink or smoothie (made with red and blue food coloring) only to change green diapers or find green stains on underwear. Brilliant blue is often combined with tartrazine, a yellow food dye, to make green dye. A site called The Poop Report claims that blue food dye (Blue #5 this time) combines with bile to make poop green, although bile by itself can turn poop green.

Interesting…well I definitely have to give them credit for the marketing. That’s for sure. But no matter how scary or embarrassing something like this may be to most people, A LOT of people couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into the black burger and share their experiences online.


Interestingly enough, it turns out that this green poo may be better press for BK than the actual black burgers themselves. Amazing.


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