Victor Cruz Cheated on His Fiancee and I’M Offended


Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with a professional athlete, cheating is to be expected. I’m not saying you should ACCEPT it, but I am saying that it’s no major surprise when you find out that your man’s been stickin’ and movin’ when he’s out of town. But THIS story right here has got my mind blown. Victor Cruz of the New York Giants is officially the most disrespectful cheater of 2015.

Apparently, Victor’s fiancee Elaina Watley sent out a nice, friendly email to all TWO HUNDRED of Victor’s sidechicks the other day.



Ummm…awkwaaard. Ok. First things first. TWO HUNNID? How SWAY? How are you even collecting all of these women folk? Jesus. Have you no shame? I mean you ARE engaged…aren’t you?

Either way, we DO know you pulled a calf muscle, and now we all have to wonder how you managed to do it?

But anyways, what do we think about this? Was Elaina out of line, is Victor the only one out of line, and did she have every right to send that mass text? Talk to me!





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