August Alsina Gropes Fan OnStage & Some People Think She Asked For It


Well, well, well. I’ve never been more aware of  rape culture than now in this very moment. I mean, I knew it existed, but social media has a way of bringing things to the light. It’s interesting to see how people view women, sexuality, their rights, and more importantly, their rights to their own bodies. Yesterday, a video surfaced of singer August Alsina fondling a fan onstage. The responses have been mixed. Take a look.


Here are five things I need to say about this:

1. Women can uphold rape culture. As evidenced by the tweet above. Just as a Black person can uphold white supremacist ideology. Gender, nor race makes a person exempt from participating in rape culture.

2. What a person is wearing does not mean that they are rape-able. Period. What is “rape-able” you might ask. Well according to Damon Wayans, most of Bill Cosby’s accusers were “UN-rape-able.” So I guess you can use this clip to determine what rape-able means?

Well folks, this is what rape culture looks like.

3. Even if a woman or man does not immediately stop a person from violating them, that does not mean that they wanted it. In this video, the girl is visibly uncomfortable but unsure of what to do.

4. People own their bodies. No one else. August Alsina had no right to grope her onstage, without her consent.

5. We must stop victim blaming/shaming. That’s exactly why many men and women never share their stories until it’s “too late.”

Quiet as it’s kept, a lot of you all laugh at Amber Rose and shame her like every single day, but these are exactly the kinds of issues she was attempting to tackle with her Slut Walk. Y’all ain’t hear her though.

What do you think about the August Alsina video? Comment below.



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