Karma Be Knowin’–It Was Lit Fam

Me when I die.

From the desk of KarmaJonez–
You gotta live your life like you only get one!!! Spend less time doing what makes others happy. You gotta first make sure you’re a whole person and fulfilled. Of course you do good for others and help to fulfill other people, but you have to be at peace with yourself at the end of the day. When your head hits that pillow. As long as you aren’t harming anybody (or yourself), do what you want! Don’t be afraid to try new things. And don’t be afraid of what other people are going to say. People got mouths so they’re gonna talk regardless! Stay strong. Stay focused. Have goals. But above everything else, live your life. THINGS don’t make life worth living. EXPERIENCES and PEOPLE do.
And make sure when you die, you can say, “Yo. It was LIT fam!”


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