“How The Cookie Crumbles” –My Top 8 Moments From Last Night’s ‘Empire’




Finally! TV’s First Family is back! And last night, we got what we’ve all been waiting for–a damn good time! Lee Daniels didn’t disappoint. The Season 2 premiere, which was appropriately titled “How the Cookie Crumbles”Β gave us hope that this season will be one to remember. Here are 8 of my favorite moments from last night’s show!

1.Cookie in the gorilla cage


Cookie came out of that hot ass gorilla suit with a MESSAGE, chile! She came to let the people know that mass incarceration of Black people will NOT be tolerated. She was being all James Brown Black and proud and the theme music hadn’t even dropped yet!

2.Last season Gucci via Andre Leon Talley


Talk about so nasty and so rude! This was definitely the READ of the night! Mr. Talley told Cookie that he loved her dress, and then proceeded to tell her that it was SO last season, honey!


3.Boo Boo Kitty dancing

Well I guess we know why Lucious cheated on Boo Boo Kitty. She CANNOT drop it or pop it and she damn near broke a bone trying to last night. Check it out.


4.Petey Pablo’s Cameo

So y’all just gonna act like y’all ain’t see Petey Pablo, Mr. “North Carolina come on and raise up” in the background? Yep he was there.

How Petey Pablo came thru with the sneaky cameo on #Empire @bigpoppapetey

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5.Chris Rock as a thug

I never laughed so hard. I think my tweet says it all.

I still love you though, Chris!

6.Black b*tch in cheap shoes

Lucious called the prosecutor who is trying to take him down, a “Black b*tch in cheap shoes” and my soul cried. LOL

7. Don Lemon having the audacity to show up

Somebody ever show up to the party and you wonder who invited their ass? Yep. That’s how I felt about seeing Don Lemon’s face on my TV screen last night. How you get here? [Deborah Cox voice]


And thank you Porsha for calling his ass out.

8. Miss Lawrence Giving Us Sylvester Tease

When I saw Miss Lawrence laid out across that piano in that sequined blazer, I screamed! His rendition of Sylvester‘s “You Make Me Feel” was flawless. I loved it. WERK Lawrence! And I especially love this because I’ve met Lawrence and he’s super nice. He deserves all the good things he’s got coming.


Needless to say, Empire was a hoot last night. I’m sure this season is going to be nonstop foolery. What were some of your favorite moments from last night’s show?


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