Soooo Tisha Campbell (Gina) Has a New Music Video and…The People Love It


I love Tisha Campbell. She seems like a really cool chic. She totally seems like someone you’d want as your bestie. And let’s be honest, she’s pretty hard to hate, considering most of us grew up with her on our TV screens, with her playing one of television’s most memorable characters to date–the love of Martin Lawrence’s life–Gina.

What some of us may have forgotten though is that Tisha can actually sing. Remember this?

Though she’s known to make some pretty bad wig choices, aside from that, I think Tisha is extremely talented. She’s a triple threat in every sense of the word.

And while she’s taken a break from acting, it looks like she’s been using that time in the studio cooking up a new a track.

She released the video this week, and the of course the Internet reacted.

Well, SOME of the Internet loved it. Others of you hated on her and blamed her for the downfall of Martin, but that’s not why we’re here, so I skipped over that nonsense.

Anywho, I think the video is great, she sounds good, the message is triumphant, she’s super brave, and I’m glad she was able to share her story. It seems to be therapeutic for her.

Go Gina!



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