You Have to Follow Socality Barbie on Instagram


We’ve all seen them. Really annoying posts from people we follow on Instagram. Whether it’s the “my life is way better than yours” post, the “check me out, I’m such a deep thinker” update, or the “caught me off guard” pic, we all know it when we see it. And that’s why this @Socality Barbie account is so great. Take a walk with me down a reallllly shady road, as we explore the world of Socality.

HA! Please tell me you’re as entertained by this as I am. Just a few weeks ago, this cutie only had about 7,000 followers…I guess the use of the word “only” is a bit ridiculous. But now this smoking hot Barb has over 1 million. You may as well join the bandwagon. Follow Socality Barbie NOW!


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