Tyra Banks Gets Emotional About Not Being Able to Have Kids


Just when I was starting to be OK with how loudly my biological clock is ticking, I came across this video and now I feel like I need to have a baby ASAP. Anybody willing to help a sistah out? I’m kidding!…I think. The truth is, this video of Tyra has me feeling some kind of way! Damn you, Tyra!

Supermodel Tyra Banks is a force to be reckoned with no matter how you slice it. Over the last few decades, she’s built her own empire, battling racism and sexism in the unforgiving world of high fashion. And although Tyra is incredibly successful by most people’s standards, she still feels that she’s missing something–a family. The model revealed that she is struggling with fertility issues.

Check out this emotional video of her sharing her story


Wow! Talk about a reality check! Of course this video went viral, and many people responded. But I think one of the most unlikely celebs to respond to the video was comedian Lil Duval. Read the thoughtful caption he wrote.


I feel for her. I remember me about 9 years ago me and JB smooth was on the road and it was thanksgiving and we are at Waffle House and I felt so lonely and thought "I'm out here on the road trying to make it and I have no child to pass this to" that night I said I'm gonna have a kid. Cause I don't wanna be that lonely guy that's 70 with no kids or grandkids. I use to do a joke about how we use to talk down on young people for having kids now all my friends kids are grown and their still in their 30's and hanging with their kids. Guess they were the smarts ones. Don't let yo career and goals overtake what's really important in life, family. Life passes by so quick before you know you're old 👴🏾 (this message is only for people want kids)

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What do you think about this? Is it ever too late to start a family? Does society shame “mature” women who don’t have children?



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