Sanaa Lathan Has a Song Out Featuring Dej Loaf?


Talk about things I never expected to write about! Ummm…so apparently Sanaa Lathan has a song out? I mean this woman has been stepping all outside of boxes lately. First it was the news that she’s dating rapper French Montana, and now this. Wow. Well, I ain’t mad at ya, girl. I’m glad we’re finally getting to see who you REALLY are. And according to Sanaa…it’s a woman named “Brown Sugar.”


That’s her “AKA”…kinda like Sasha Fierce and Beyonce. The same woman, but only until the lights are off, if you get my drift.

Dej Loaf singing/rapping her part for THE GRAM

I know you guys wanna hear the whole song though right? Here ya go. Can I just say this is my official anthem for “Cuddling Season”? It’s like they interviewed me before they wrote the song. Amazing. LOL And Sanaa’s my new besite in my head.

What y’all think?


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