POTUS Responds to Ahmed Mohamed Incident Like the Class Act He Is


Via Vox:

On Monday, teachers at the Irving Independent School District in Irving, Texas, had police arrest a 14-year-old student named Ahmed Mohamed for bringing to school a simple electronic clock he had built as an engineering project. Police escorted Mohamed out of school in handcuffs — photos of the arrest show him wearing a NASA T-shirt — and accused him of trying to build a bomb.



Here we are again…criminalizing people because of their religion/skin color. When will this get old?!

Ahmed, who is clearly a genius, and wears NASA shirts for fun, was not charged with any crime after being arrested. Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd now “considers the case closed.”



However, while the Irving Police Department considers this a closed case, “WE the PEOPLE”  still consider this case to be wide the hell open. As of matter of fact, this is just the beginning.

Social media has erupted with support for Ahmed and his family, who have started a Twitter account @istandwithahmed

#IstandwithAhmed is now a trending topic.

I must say, it feels good to see all of the support this kid and his family are getting, but this tweet from the POTUS really is the highlight of the day!

I can’t wait until Ahmed gets to the White House! I too, stand with Ahmed.


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