Ok. We Get It Kim and Kanye. You Wanna Be Worst Dressed.


Dear sweet Coco Chanel, make it stop! I’ve had about enough of the eyesore that is Kim and Kanye’s fashion. My goodness, I understand that everyone gets to choose what they put on their bodies, but why must it be such a bloody catastrophe? We GET IT KimYe. You’re DIFFERENT. You win! *hands you medal* But…WYD?


I mean, you’re already unique. You two have a combined networth of over $200 million. YOU DIFFERENT! You don’t gotta go out like this.

#KimKardashian and #NorthWest Nori is thuggin per usual ๐Ÿ˜‚ #YeezySeason2

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vmas Kim-Kardashian-Pregnant-In-Mini-Skirt-4 fishnet belt lace




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Ok. I get the whole “art” thing. I get how this might be Kanye’s way of expressing himself through his collection. An ode to his “no smiling” mantra, if you will. But this is depressing.

It’s depressing on and off the runway, and Kim K will NOT stop wearing it. Even in her pregnancy. Understood. She’s between a rock and a hard place. It’s like when your man goes to play basketball and gets his ankles broken, but you still sit in the stands smiling and cheering. When you get home, you make him dinner and rub his feet, because that’s what a good girlfriend does. But THIS? This is crossing the line.



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