Popular Civil Rights Activist Deray McKesson to Guest Lecture at Yale


Things are going to get interesting at a popular Ivy League school this Fall. It appears that Yale is looking to branch out a bit by bringing in one of this generation’s most well known civil rights activists –Baltimore native, Deray McKesson.

I gotta be honest, I didn’t see this one coming. Possibly one of the most loved and the most hated activists we know, Deray is taking his talents back to the classroom, which he is no stranger to, by the way.

According to BET.com, McKesson will be a guest lecturer as a part of the school’s Transformational Leadership for Church and Society lecture series.

McKesson’s lectures in particular will focus on “Transformational Leadership in the Black Lives Matter Movement” and “will present case studies about the work of organizing, public advocacy, civil disobedience, and social change, through both Leadership of Presence, and Leadership in the Social Media.”

Other lecturers who will contribute to the series include Democratic Senator Chris Coons and liberal United Church of Christ minister Nancy Taylor, both of whom are Yale Divinity alumni.


The Dean Yale Divinity School, Greg Sterling, had this to say:

“Our world is changing with great speed. Yale has a long tradition of training individuals to lead in churches, institutions of higher learning, and society. We envision this new program as a means to bring students into contact with proven leaders who will challenge them not only to think about leading in new and creative ways but inspire them to reach beyond their current aspirations.”

But of course, this great news doesn’t sit so well with conservatives, who have pegged McKesson as public enemy number one since he came on the scene. They continue their attempts to assassinate his character, and discredit his work by calling him a “race-baiter.” The faux journalists over at Fox and Friends are particularly good at that.

Deray has responded to some of the criticism via Twitter, which is his preferred social media outlet.

He even went so far as to post his resume for those questioning his credentials–

It’s sad that he feels like he has to even post his resume, but I guess sometimes you just have to shut the haters up. Unfortunately people really do want to see this young man fail, but FORTUNATELY there are people like this young lady, who really do get it.

Personally, I’m glad Deray is guest lecturing at Yale. I think a lot of people can learn from this guy. He’s brilliant. There’s no denying that!

For Yale’s official announcement, click here.

What do you think about Yale’s decision to bring Deray in?


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