In Case You Forgot, This is What a Trump Supporter Looks Like

Via Student protesters of Donald Trump at the Cy-Hawk tailgates Saturday were met with a protest of their own when a woman ripped one of the protester’s posters after making a racist comment.

The poster, held by Jovani Rubio, read “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” Rubio was protesting (rightfully so) against Trump’s disgusting comments on undocumented immigrants. Rubio said this was important to him because he and his siblings are “anchor babies” born in America, and his mother is an undocumented immigrant.

During the protest, a (racist) woman wearing an ISU shirt walked up to Rubio and ripped his poster in half. Before ripping it, she mentions voting for white supremacy.

People can be heard cheering her on.

The poor excuse for a human being, 20 year old Shelby Mueller, from West Des Moines, did not wish to comment on the situation when IowaStateDaily reached out. Mueller is not an ISU student.

After Rubio taped the poster back together, he said a middle-aged woman wrote on the poster with a marker, telling Rubio afterward that her writing meant “I love Donald Trump.”


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