Sanaa Lathan and Micheal Ealy Host Exclusive Q&A for The Perfect Guy


There was plenty of laughter in the air as Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy hit NYC’s 40/40 Club to chat with select press about their new film, THE PERFECT GUY. Love and Career Coach, Charreah Jackson, served as the event’s moderator and was sure to keep Michael and Sanaa on their toes. The duo shared about being Executive Producers on the film, working in “black Hollywood,” and the joys of playing characters that are completely different from their actual lives.


Sanaa (who looked as stunning as ever) offered a fun tidbit about being a little creeped out by Michael while on set, since he often stayed in character. She said she didn’t even want to be around between takes! Michael said it took him a while to get out of the character, but changing his son’s stinky diapers at home helped snap him back into reality. Now THAT’S a reality check for sure!




The Perfect Guy hits theaters today! Get out and see it!


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