Serena & Venus Are The Greatest, But Last Night Forbes Decided to Hate


Last night, the greatest tennis player in the world played the greatest tennis player in the world. It was something to see. Serena Williams went up against her big sister Venus in one of the best tennis matches I’ve ever laid eyes on. Serena ended up taking the win, but let’s be clear–Venus made her earn EVERY. SINGLE. POINT. But while the rest of us sat in front of our televisions in awe, watching history unfold right before our very eyes, the people over at Forbes were sitting at their computers being shady.

In an ultimate Kanye vs Taylor Swift “I’m gonna let you finish, but…” moment, the social media manager thought it would be a good idea to tweet this in the middle of the Williams sister’s match:

*Side Eye*

Ok. No. Talk about tacky. The Twitter backlash was swift, of course. I was tickled pink reading the comments.


Then, there’s this young lady, who gives not one single f*ck.

It’s just all very interesting. The dynamic. How these sisters have been treated since they arrived on the tennis court, braids in hair, unyielding, unapologetically Black. The racism they’ve encountered. The criticism. The disdain for their father, Richard Williams, the mastermind behind these two legendary players.

It’s been a long journey for these sisters and I for one, am glad I got to witness it. Last night, at the end of the match, when Venus took her little sister in her arms and smiled, I knew this was much bigger than tennis. I knew this was much bigger than Venus or Serena. I knew what this meant for Black girls and women all around the world. What this meant for PEOPLE across the world, and how the Williams sisters have broken so many barriers, and influenced the masses.

I am thankful for them. They deserve every bit of the glory they get. And no silly, poorly executed tweet from Forbes can change that. Congrats Venus and Serena!


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