Meet Petra Laszlo–The Most Evil Person in the World


Patra Laszlo is the most evil person in the world this week. No, really.

On Tuesday, a right wing reporter by the name of Petra Laszlo showed the world just how much of a scumbag she is.

Via RawStory:

Petra was caught kicking and tripping refugees attempting to escape a “transition” camp on the Serbian border on Tuesday, which led to her being fired for “unacceptable behavior” by the N1TV network.


The site also reportedly contains speeches by Gábor Vona, leader of the Jobbik party, which gained power this past April, just six months after introducing a proposal to criminalize homosexuality and bisexuality for being “sexual deviancy,” comparing both to pedophilia. Jobbik candidates have also accused Jews of using Romas as a “biological weapon” against the country.


Via the NY Daily News:

The Jobbiks have long held anti-Semitic and anti-immigration views, according to reports. It’s the country’s third-largest party in Parliament, according to The Telegraph.


Hungary is one of the most popular routes for refugees fleeing war-torn Syria to enter the European Union, oftentimes through the country’s porous border with Serbia. Some 2,000 to 3,000 refugees have entered the country daily, according to some estimates.

Check out her handiwork

This is the father and son she tripped:


On a scale of 1 to Bill O’Reilly, just how evil is Petra Laszlo?

UPDATE: The Laszlo has been indicted for breaching the peace, Hungarian prosecutors said Wednesday (9/7/16). Her trial will be held in southern city of Szeged. Since the incident, Laszlo claims that her life has been “ruined.” Major eye roll.


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