Chris Brown Says He Didn’t Back Out of Gay Pride Concert, But My Email Says Otherwise


There’s been a lot of scandal around Chris Brown lately, but what’s new? Last weekend, thousands of people traveled to Atlanta, GA to celebrate Black Gay Pride weekend. And word on the street is that Chris Brown was booked for a concert, but pulled a no show because it was a “gay” event. Chris Brown later came out and said that wasn’t the case, but I just got an email that says otherwise.

While Chris denies ever knowing about the show, this was sent to my inbox this morning–


It reads:

Good Morning,
I am sharing the official statement from Traxx Girl’s, Inc regarding the recent no-show appearance by Grammy Award Winning artist Chris Brown. Mr. Brown was slated to appear at the annual Saturday night party during Pure Heat Atlanta Black Gay Pride. Please post and share. Thanks!
On behalf of Traxx Girls, Inc. via founder Melissa Scott.
“We are extremely disappointed Chris Brown did not show up to our annual Saturday night party during Pure Heat, Atlanta Black Gay Pride weekend. We negotiated a contract in good faith and paid the agreed upon deposit via wire transfer. We fully expected Mr. Brown to appear for our ladies and we are shocked and saddened that he would deny that we had an agreement. At this time, Traxx Girls is reviewing its options with Legal counsel.”
Photo Attached.
Caption: Monica performs at Traxx Girl’s, Inc 2015 Pure Heat Community Festival.
Interesting…what do you guys think about this? Is Chris Brown lying?

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