5 Things I Wish Kim Davis Would Have Prayed for In Jail


Now that Kim Davis is out of jail, it doesn’t seem like she’s much of a changed woman. I’m thinking maybe she didn’t pray for the right things. So I have some suggestions for her prayer list.

1. Rowan County

God bless the people of Rowan County. If they have to put up with this woman being their county clerk, then GOD help them all! She clearly can’t separate her religious beliefs from her job, and is going to have a hard time doing her job without bias. She is going to give everybody HELL, and God probably won’t like that.

2. Mike Huckabee

Soooo do you like government that takes people’s freedoms away, or nah?

3. Her supporters

kimdavispresident  sodomy


In the video, notice how her supporters sound like loonies and the gay people are very calm and rational.

4. Gay friends to help her with her new look

Kim, truth be told, you could use a couple of good gay friends. You need a new look, boo. If you had more gay friends, you wouldn’t be out here in these streets looking like this.



5. Forgiveness

While you’re focused on everybody else’s sins, you need to be praying to God and ask him to forgive you for all these divorces and these children out of wedlock. Here is her new husband. He definitely looks like a winner.


I think maybe he had just left a Confederate flag rally, or something. She also needs to pray that he forgives you for being so hateful. Isn’t it funny how the sanctity of marriage crowd never have a great track record when it comes to marriage?

Kim girl, you just keep on praying.


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