KarmaJonez Attends Private Screening of FOX’s New Show “RoseWood”-She Also Gets the Tea on Season 2 of “Empire”


Last night was really fun. I had the opportunity to attend the Atlanta screening of one of Fox’s newest shows, “Rosewood.” This thriller starring Morris Chestnut, premieres on September 23rd at 8 PM, right before Fox’s hit show, “Empire.” I’m really excited about Fox’s line up this fall. They’re winning right now. Click below for the scoop on “Rosewood”, “Empire”, and to get a look at the racy trailer for “Scream Queens.”


Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., is a private pathologist who loves his job a little too much. Think “Dexter” meets “Bad Boys”, meets “House.” Throw in an incredibly good looking and charismatic man like Morris Chestnut, and you got yourself a hit.

I must say, I really enjoyed the show. I think it’s a breath of fresh air. I’ll definitely be tuning in this Fall. Also, apparently there will be a few special guest appearances from Chris Bosh, Rasheeda (Love and Hip Hop ATL), and a few others. Check out the trailer!

And now for the “Empire” tea!


So word on the street is that the new season of “Empire” is going to be even better than the last!

This season, we’ll explore Cookie’s backstory. We’ll take a look into those 17 long years she spent in prison. We’ll get a chance to find out how she ended up in such a crazy position. We’ll do the same with Lucious, traveling back in time and diving in to his past relationships and his troubled childhood.

This season Kitty Boo Boo is fed ALL the way up. She’s hellbent on getting revenge, and she’s gotten so desperate she’s even teamed up with Cookie! According to Taraji, Cookie is “keeping her enemies close.” Kitty is a good girl gone bad, and frankly, I don’t think there’s any turning back.

Andre is still bitter about being passed over to be the leader of the empire, and things get a lot darker for him as the season goes on. Jamal has grown closer to Lucious and is starting to do things he’d never thought he’d do, just to maintain his close relationship with his father.

And last but not least, Hakeem is planning a “hostile takeover” with Andre. He still hates Cookie because he feels like Cookie betrayed the family. But little does he know, his mama is the one holding everything together.

And as we all know Lucious is in prison. But he’s not gonna have any problems in there because he’s well respected and well connected…well not THAT many problems…

Just know, this season, the chickens WILL come home to roost. And things are definitely gonna get REAL.

Now on to this “Scream Queens” show. A lot of people are saying they don’t think they’ll be into it, and maybe I’m just weird, but I love it. It’s unlike anything that’s on TV right now, and our girls Keke Palmer AND Niecy Nash are in it, so I’m here for it. Check out the trailer.

How do we feel about all of this? Are we loving Fox’s lineup this season?


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