Oprah and Eddie Murphy Have Been Added to the Cast of Upcoming Richard Pryor Biopic


So it’s happening. The Richard Pryor biopic is in the works, and production will begin in March of 2016. Lucky for us, Lee Daniels and Harvey Weinstein have put together an amazing, star-studded cast, and I definitely think this movie is gonna go down in history books.

Not only is Eddie Murphy joining the cast, but Oprah Winfrey has signed on as well. Oprah will be playing Pryor’s grandmother, (a cutthroat brothel owner), and Eddie will be taking on the role of Pryor’s father, Buck Carter. And who is playing the late great Richard Pryor? Mike Epps of course.


Via Deadline:

“I met Richard and felt like I was in Oz the whole time,” says Epps. “It’s hard to describe what he means to me or any standup comic. You could say he’s paid the dues for everything we do up there.”

That’s so cool. I know Mike is going to do a great job. I’m excited to see Eddie back on the big screen as well.

And all I know is, I hope this is the Oprah that shows up for the biopic.


That Oprah would be PERFECT for this.

Are you guys as excited about this as I am? Do you think Mike Epps was the right choice for the part?


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