Are You Going to Try the McWhopper?


So as if this country wasn’t unhealthy and overweight enough, Burger King has come up with this great (or not so great, depending on how you look at it) idea to combine their Whopper and McDonald’s Big Mac, to create one hell of a monstrosity of a burger.

Behold, the McWhopper!


(It’s the one in the middle)

How did this creation come about? Well Burger King wants to call a truce in its long-running burger “beef” with Mickey D’s. How do they want to do it? By selling the “McWhopper” at a store in Atlanta.

“We know we’ve had our petty differences, but how about we call a cease-fire on these so-called ‘burger-wars’?” Burger King said in a letter to McDonald’s.


Supposedly, this would be BK’s contribution to the International Day of Peace, which happens on September 21st this year.

According to the ATL Biz Chronicle,

The McWhopper would combine the best of both company’s burgers, and the employees also would wear special uniforms. Proceeds from the pop-up store would be donated to the nonprofit Peace One Day.

Hmmmm….IDK. If you ask me, this just seems like a smart way to get people to eat more Burger King…because let’s be honest, their burgers are char grilled…and McDonald’s burgers…are well…you know…you’ve had em.

But at the end of the day, if it’s for a good cause, I say they should go for it. McDonald’s however, has not yet responded to the proposal. But something tells me they’ll have to even if they don’t want to. Who would turn down a day of “peace”? Not good PR.

What do you think about this? Would you try a McWhopper?


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