KarmaJonez Attends Atlanta Screening of Season 2 of “Survivor’s Remorse”


This week, STARZ® and XFINITY® hosted a red carpet premiere for the second season of the hit show “Survivor’s Remorse” at Regal Cinemas Atlantic Station in Atlanta. Cast in attendance included Tichina Arnold, Mike Epps, RonReaco Lee, Erica Ash, Teyonah Parris and Allen Maldonado. The show’s creator Mike O’Malley and executive producers Victor Levin and Hilton Smith also made special appearances. And I can’t forget the associate producer Dianne Ashford. The red carpet was crazy, and the second season of the show was even crazier! Click below to get an inside look!

The red carpet was super exciting. The first celeb to hit the red carpet was HLN sports correspondent, Brian McFayden. He looks even better in person, by the way.


Soon after, the rest of the celebs poured in, back to back. And they all looked stunning.

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(From top to bottom: Allen Maldonado, Mike Epps & Erica Ash, Mike Epps & Mike O’Malley, Dianne Ashford, Egypt Sherrod, RonReaco Lee & Brian McFayden, Tichina Arnold, Melissa Knowles, Teyonah Parris, Gary With Da Tea, Jacob Latimore, Victor Levin, Hilton Smith, Yasmin Vossaughian, Famahu Pecou & Jamila Aleem, Claudia Jordan & Demetria McKinney)

After the red carpet died down, it was time to finally watch the show.


And since you couldn’t be there, here’s a little something to get you in the loop:

I mean, we all know somebody who started from the bottom, and now they’re poppin, right? Of course. Well that’s what makes this show so relatable. I think it’s safe to say that we all know, and love someone that reminds us of at least ONE of the characters. From Mike Epp’s character, “Uncle Julius”, to Tichina Arnold’s character “Cassie Calloway”, it’s easy to find something in each of them that we absolutely adore.

After signing a multi-million dollar contract, Cam Calloway’s life goes from 0-100. The stress of being a professional athlete, coupled with the burden of being the bread winner for his entire family, Cam has a lot of ups and downs that ironically, although his family causes a lot of his stress, only they can help him overcome everything that’s being thrown his way.

After the show, Mike O’Malley gave the audience a brief rundown about how the show came about, what we could expect this season, and the motivation behind the characters.


“We’re all in families, and those tensions that you have in families. And everyone is in a family where someone has fallen on hard times, and another person, maybe has had more success, and hasn’t handled that success well…and people’s relationships with that person starts to change. I just think it’s really family dynamics. As we begin to write these parts, and then cast these parts, at a certain point the cast begins to overtake the part. You start to write towards all their strengths. I just think about right and wrong, do’s and don’ts, people struggling to try to be good people in their lives, and relate to one another, and their own humanity gets in their own way.”


During the Question & Answer session, things got even more interesting. A young lady yelled something at Mike Epps from the crowd, and Brian McFayden, who was hosting the panel, asked Mike if he wanted to “get that”, as in take the question.

Mike looked around confused, and then joked, “Oh, I thought you said something else. Don’t get me in no more trouble. I could it see it on TMZ in the morning, he said he gon’ hit that.” Of course, the audience burst into laughter, after recalling the Twitter drama that unfolded between him, his wife, and a cute Twitter user over the last week. The issue has since been resolved, and Mike and his wife are doing fine. I’m rooting for them!

When RonReaco Lee, who plays Cam’s cousin, “Reggie Vaughn” was asked by Brian what his favorite location to shoot the show this season was, Lee replied almost too quickly, “Onyx.” For those of you saints who don’t know what Onyx is, it’s a popular strip club, here in Atlanta. Lee, who calls the strippers “shoe models,” says that particular scene was a very “long shoot.” I bet…LOL.

After everyone got their giggles out, Tichina Arnold changed the tone a bit, expressing how thankful she is to be working with the cast, and everyone else who’s involved:

“We have an awesome time on this show. God has blessed us to be able to work with each other, and we have an amazing executive producer, Mike O’Malley, who’s a NUT. Not only an amazing actor, but he’s also just the epitome of a great leader. He actually just makes our jobs, and our lives a lot easier. These two guys (Victor Levin & Mike O’Malley) are on the set constantly, making sure we as actors and as these characters, really play the best thing that we can, really convey the Calloways, really make a piece of work, that I believe will be watched many, many years to come.”


Honestly, I think Tichina is right. This show is non-stop entertainment, and I will definitely be tuning into to STARZ tonight at 9:30 PM for the Season Premiere! Will you? Have you seen Season 1 of “Survivor’s Remorse”? And if so, what do you think about the show?





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