Mayor De Blasio Names Street in New York “Do the Right Thing Way”


Spike Lee is a legend. We know this. He gave us Crooklyn, Jungle Fever, Mo Betta Blues. I mean, he’s a genius. Not only is the man brilliant, but he has a special place in our hearts that nobody, not NOBODY can fill. He’s a gem. And this is why it makes me so damn happy to hear this great news.

A few days ago, Spike posted this pic on his Instagram page.

A message from Mayor De Blasio-

“Our city has a long and powerful history, brimming with dedicated New Yorkers who have fought to improve their communities in countless ways – from public service to community activism to the arts. It is essential that we commemorate those who have built up our past as we work to build a better future for our city. This legislation ensures that we remain connected to our history and to the important values embodied by these individuals.”

Yes, to HISTORY, Mayor De Blasio! Kudos to you for recognizing how important Spike’s contributions have been and will continue to be. Always thought provoking. Always relevant.

And because I’m so in love with Mr. Lee, as a part of my love fest, I’m going to list 6 reasons why he’s the greatest.

1. He’s a Morehouse man. Anybody who knows me knows I love my HBCUs. And if you know anything about Morehouse, you know they produce nothing but greatness.


2. Nobody loves the Knicks more than him. This is what you call passion, my friend. Get you some.



3. He does stuff like this:

4. He gave me School Daze. This does down in history as one of the greatest movies of all time, if you ask me. This film is so complex, and has so many layers. Spike touches on a wide range of social issues, specifically those that affect the Black community, while still making us feel good, and giving us a few laughs along the way.

school daze

5. His beautiful family. “And we he get on, he leave your ass for a white girl.” -Kanye West

None of that for Mr. Spike Lee. He still loves the sistas, and has proven to be a great father and husband.


6. The Greatest Opening Credits in Movie History


We love you Spike! Keep doing the right thing!



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