Gay Rapper & His Boyfriend Join the Cast of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood


Well now. This is something we haven’t seen before. Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is breaking all kinds of barriers with this one, honey! Yesterday, it was announced that Milan Christopher and his rapper boyfriend Miles will be joining the cast for Season 2 of the reality show. And word on the street is, there’s been a little push back from the other cast members.

Here’s an excerpt from VH1’s press release:

This season of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” will explore one of the most complex relationships in franchise history. Miles, a west coast rapper, who was raised with church values bravely faces his truth, when he realizes he’s in love with Milan, an openly gay man. The struggle becomes complicated for Miles because his best friend and childhood sweetheart, Amber, is still in love with him. The season follows Miles and Milan’s difficult and emotional journey as they deal with the stigmas often associated with intimate relationships between black men in the music industry.

I admire Mona for attempting to bring this very sensitive issue to light, but I gotta be honest, I’m not sure how well it will be received.

This story gets even more juicier because Miles…like…JUST came out of the closet. Prior to Milan, Miles was dating his childhood friend Amber, and she’s still in love with him!

Check out the new couple…

🆘 Baby want you come my way 👣🔜 👑

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It’s been reported that some of the cast members are refusing to tape with Milan and Miles, however. Per TMZ:

The newest member of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” believes he’s being shunned by cast members because they don’t want to share the small screen with an openly gay rapper.

 Milan Christopher has been filming for 3 weeks, but we’re told the majority of rappers on the show are shunning him. Rappers on the show include Ray J, Soulja Boy, Omarion and Mally Mall.

We’re told a number of the rappers are upset with producers for hiring Milan … not because he’s gay but because he has no cred in the rap game. They believe producers hired Milan as a “sideshow” and a “circus” to goose ratings.

And it looks like one of the cast members has actually spoken out about the whole thing. Check out what Omarion had to say here.

Ok…Well we’re gonna see what happens. I’ll be attached to my TV and my Twitter feed on September the 7th!



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