Kylie Turns 18, & Tyga Can’t Stop Smiling. I Have Questions.


Hip hip hooray! Kylie Jenner is finally 18. This is the day that she and her “not boyfriend” Tyga have been waiting for. Last night, Kylie celebrated her 18th birthday with family and friends, and I’m sure that was a pretty big deal for her, but something tells me Tyga’s gift was the highlight of her night.

#tyga buys #kyliejenner a #Ferrari for her 18th bday

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#kyliejenner thanking #Tyga for the car (see previous post)

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Bad bitch contest you're in 1st place

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MY GIRLS. party night. #18@12

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Per usual, Kris didn’t miss a beat. She hopped her ass right in the passenger side of Kylie’s new whip.


You know, at first, I had questions…but now, I really only have one–

WHERE IS TYGA GETTING ALL THIS MONEY?? His last album went cubic zirconium. Like, I don’t understand it. What else does he do? Can anyone tell me? Oh, and is this when we stop pretending that Tyga wasn’t banging a minor this whole time?

This time, and this time only, KarmaJonez does NOT know!

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