BET Brings Back ‘Uncut’: 8 Reasons I’m Over Them


Ohhhh BET. You done up and done it now. I was over you a looooong time ago. Yep. I’ve been through. But because I love Black people, and I love the fact that we have a TV station to call our own, I try to watch what I say about you. But this…DISTEWMUCH.

*Blows gasket*


Hol’ up.

Now there’s a lot of things I let slide. I let you guys play “Baby Boy” every f*cking day for five years straight. I let you torture us with the last few seasons of “The Game.” I even let you air a slave movie every 6 months. (Because that’s what we need to see every day of our lives) But since God ain’t done working on me yet, I CANNOT let this little ‘Uncut’ situation fall through the cracks. NOPE.

I’m sick of your sh*t. Really, I am. Like, this is the FUBU of TV, and this is all you guys can come up with? And that’s no shade to FUBU because FUBU is effing legendary, OK? The point is, this is supposed to be for us, by us…but as of late, I don’t even know who you are. There’s a stranger in my house. Tamia.



Here’s 8 Reasons Why I’m Through With You

1. You sold out.

How you gonna sell your soul to the devil? VIACOM?? REALLY? This is who you sold BET to. Think long and hard about this.



2. You’re Not Even F*cking Trying

You’re basically the Democratic party. You’re taking our votes for granted. You think we’re just gonna vote you in because you’re “on the team?” Nah. You gotta prove that you’re worthy. Right now…you’re not.

3. You Took Teen Summit Away From Us

You took Teen Summit away from us, only to replace it with…nothing. Raise your hand if you LOVED Teen Summit.


Everybody. Everybody loved Teen Summit, BET. And what have you given us, since?

4. Where’s The Basement/Rap City?

You know, BET…not everyone has a computer or phone attached to them 24/7. Some people actually get their entertainment from the television. We want to see our favorite artists on TV…there’s no reason why you can’t have a fun, exciting show that’s dedicated to Hip Hop. And not this new age Hip Hop…but a show dedicated to real lyricists who are dedicated to their craft. It can even be hosted by some of the old heads like Talib Kweli. You’re supposed to be uplifting our culture…you’re supposed to enlighten. You’re supposed to keep the good parts of Hip Hop alive. You’re not.

5. You Ruined 106 & Park For Us

LOOK AT WHAT ONCE WAS! You took AJ & Free from us. We’ll never forgive you.

6. Black People Like More Than the Sh*t You Air on a Regular

Excuse me. But this monolithic, stereotypical, inaccurate representation of Black folk makes me gag. Like, not all of us like the same things. You do know that, right? Some of us like politics, some of us like to cook, some of us like fashion, some of us like drama, some of us like jazz, some of us like travel, and yes, some of us like to twerk. But guess what? You don’t give us those options to choose from. It’s either reality TV CRAP, or a poorly written, low budget show that is highly predictable. Or it’s a show about Jesus. Because Black folk LOVES US SOME JESUS!


We’re tired.

7. You Brought Back Uncut

For what? What’s the agenda here? Now don’t get me wrong. I’m down for a little raunch on most days that end with “Y.” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t stay up late to watch ‘Uncut’ as a teen. (Mama, cover your ears) BUT! How DARE YOU bring back ‘Uncut’ before you bring back any of the other fifty-leven positive shows you could have reached back in the closet for? Where’s Ed Gordon when you need him?

8. You Have Power, and You’re Not Using It

You have the AUDACITY to be a very well known television station that reaches millions of people…and you have nothing to offer. Sure. Other stations have horrible programming too. I mean VH1 is basically reality TV 24/7. Bravo too. BUT they’re names aren’t White Entertainment Television. You have the unmitigated gall to call yourselves Black Entertainment Television, and give the rest of the world the impression that you represent US. Well I got news for you: You don’t. You don’t represent me, and you don’t represent most of the people I know. We’re all fed up. Yea, we watch….but it’s mainly out of obligation. I’d even venture to say we watch out of habit. Many of us grew up loving BET for what you had to offer…because you used your voice…I think we’re all hoping that one day, we’ll get that old thang back. But now I see that we’re too far gone. You’re irresponsible, and you should be ashamed. You need some fresh faces, some new ideas, and basically y’all need to hire me. Lemme upgrade ya.


An 80’s baby.


One thought on “BET Brings Back ‘Uncut’: 8 Reasons I’m Over Them

  1. I actually have no issue with BET bringing UnCut back per say. I mean were not a monolithic group, there’s clearly an audience base for BET that are excited / looking forward to that show coming back on, and if the company wants to explore that then good luck to them. I just think BET hasn’t taken the time to think if the Backlash / how they will handle the backlash from some black women (especially with social media being so powerful). Remember the whole Nelly / Tip Drill vs Spelman debate?

    My issue with BET ; for some reason they can’t catch on to the trends that all of the “non-black” networks seem to capitalize off of when it comes to black audiences. Right now “black” is what’s hot (somewhat) at major networks / cable stations. What is BET programing team doing wrong? Why do they keep bringing back the old shows instead of investing in something new? I mean every other network is starting to look into how they can profit off of different areas of the blk experience / interest but BET still hasn’t found its formula.

    Also as an audience I think we hold BET to these respectability politics that we don’t hold other networks to that show “black programming”. We have no issue watching Love and Hip Hop, Real Housewives of ATL, Empire, Cutting it in the ATL, heck everything on MTV with black host that aren’t necessarily what people would call positive (I have no issue with these shows), heck we even talk about how other people should stop using respectability politics to judge these shows and their viewers, yet we want BET to ignore the money and not follow suite somewhat.

    And BET has tried to bring back Teen Summit. That show KeKe Palmer had on there last year was supposed to be the new teen summit, and people didn’t like that.

    Basically I think BET needs more of an even mix of programming. An even balance of positive and ratchet (or whatever term people want to use to describe UnCut).

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