Ja Rule Releases New Music?

This Aug. 12, 2013 photo shows rapper Ja Rule during an interview in Atlanta.  Ja Rule, who recently spent nearly two years behind bars for illegal gun possession, landed a role in a new movie because screenwriter Galley Molina empathized with the rapper. He stars as a high-level drug dealer who struggles to leave his illegal lifestyle behind after getting into a serious relationship with a church-going woman played by Adrienne Bailon.  (AP Photo/David Goldman)

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

Uh. Oh. Hey Ja Rule? What up dawg. Wasn’t expecting to see YOU here. *Looks around.* I heard you got new music?

Jeffrey Atkins is back, apparently. And I’m a little scared, actually. I mean, I truly loved Ja at one point. He debuted in 1999 with Venni Vetti Vecci and its single “Holla Holla.” Then 15 years ago, Big Bad 50 Cent came on the scene and ruined Ja’s life.

I think we all can agree that things haven’t been right since. Ja disappeared. And the sad part is, I don’t even think people were looking for him. The general consensus is that 50 ended his career. With all that being said, I actually like the guy. All he wanted to do was give us hits…and he did that! I mean, let’s not act brand new…this was classic.



And now in the midst of the Drake/Meek beef…(which 50 also found a way to get involved in–see below)…Ja has decided to release some new music.

(50 on the Drake/Meek beef)

50 had also made some comments on IG about his own beef with Ja Rule…implying that he was Drake in this beef and Ja was Meek. Naturally, Ja didn’t approve of that message, so this happened…

Nevertheless…beef or no beef…Ja Rule is back at it. Listen to the track below. Let me know if you’re feeling it. Oh, and spoiler alert: He’s still singing.


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