Media Legend Donnie Simpson Makes a Comeback


Smooth voiced, cocoa butter smooth skinned, green eyed, slick haired Donnie Simpson is making a comeback, baby, and I am HERE for it! You know who else is here for it? Your mama. Trust me, she loves Donnie too.

D.C., get ready, because Donnie Simpson is coming out of retirement like Jordan with the 4-5, but hopefully, it’s not as lackluster. The 61 year old media personality will be joining forces with Radio One to host “The Donnie Simpson Show” on Majic 102.3 starting August 17th. (3-7 PM)

Simpson is a pretty big deal for many reasons, one of them being that he was the first urban radio personality to be paid more than $1 million without syndication. He was also named Billboard’s 1998 Air Personality of the Year. So basically, he wins.

And here’s the kicker–not only will Donnie be on the radio, but he’ll also be on TV by the end of the year! He’s apparently going to be making some magic with TV One in the near future. God is so good!

He sent Donnie to save us from Black radio/TV purgatory!


“It’s been a great vacation, but it’s time to go back to work and have some fun,” Simpson said in a Radio One statement.

Yessss, let’s have some fun. Welcome back Donnie!


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