Ok. I’m Sick of Y’all Tryna Play Ciara Like She’s a Deadbeat Mother–Listen Up Jerks


Damn. Y’all get on my nerves. Every time I turn around, I gotta make a public service announcement because y’all don’t know how to act. Every time I open up my Twitter or Instagram app, I see some ol’ raggedy baby daddy complaining about how much time Baby Future has been spending with Ciara’s new boo thang Russell Wilson. But here’s the thing–y’all need to have a seat.



Dear dusties and ashies, pick one. Any one. Find a seat, and stay there.

Lately, it seems like everybody just says whatever just to say they contributed to the conversation. But sometimes, well…A LOT of times, your contribution isn’t needed boo.

So about this Ciara, Future and Russell love triangle, or whatever this is. WHY DO Y’ALL KEEP TRYNA PLAY CIARA LIKE SHE’S AN UNFIT MOTHER? Now, I’m not a Ciara stan by any means. I don’t like her singing and I think she’s better off wearing pretty clothes and doing spreads in Vogue magazine. Perhaps even being a backup dancer for Beyonce. I don’t know. But what I am just COMPLETELY over is everybody (men) trying to come for her because she has moved on with her damn life.


So this is the picture that sent all the men suffering from BMS (Bitter Man Syndrome) into a tizzy…including Ciara’s baby daddy Future.

Not sure who the devil is in this situation, nor do I know who the “punk ass hoe” might be. But nonetheless, members of the BMS committee co-signed.




Oh how soon we forget Mr. Future…

Uhhh…yea. Remember how Future didn’t marry ANY of his baby mamas? Did Ciara not hold you down like an anchor, even after finding out you have a zillion kids and baby mothers? THEN after you cheated on her with your stylist, and God knows who else, and she LEFT…all of a sudden, she’s the bad guy? K.

Let me just say something about Russ. If your child should EVER have to be around another man, you’d WANT it to be Russell Wilson. This man just signed an $87 million dollar contract, and wants to MARRY Ciara. He isn’t even tryna have sex until they say “I do.” I mean, how many men are willing to do that in 2015? I can tell you–



So basically now Baby Daddy Twitter is all up in arms about some sh*t that doesn’t even have anything to do with them. Hopping on the internet slandering Ciara and callin’ women hoes just to defend Future’s honor. All to cosign a man who has an album called Dirty Sprite.

According to HotNewHipHop, this is how many times Future references drug use on his album.


But y’all got a problem with Baby Future being around Russell Wilson? Ok.

THEN, here comes T.I.

“I’d go the F*** off bro. S*** outta line to me…but that’s just me.”

Now, I love you T.I., but nah baby. Don’t do that. It wasn’t THAT long ago, that you were caught eating grits in a kitchen with another woman, so you gotta leave your two cents outta this.

Let’s be clear, since the split Future has been running around town acting like a Chatty Cathy. First stop on his Petty Tour? Huff Post Live. There, he told Marc Lamont Hill that Ciara never made him wait to have sex…as if that was necessary:

“God told me something else. He didn’t tell me to wait. I guarantee you that,” Future said. “We prayed afterwards though. After we did it, we prayed — that’s a true story.”

Here’s how Ciara responded:

So really, my issue is, so many of you insist on finding fault in Ciara and Russell’s relationship. Y’all got your drawls all in a bunch because these two have a seemingly stable, faith based, HEALTHY ass relationship.

Because this is what you all despise, it only leads me to believe one thing: Y’all hate seeing women…ESPECIALLY beautiful Black women (who you’ll never EVER date) happy. As long as she’s with a man who’s cheating on her, whoopin her ass, or calling her out her name, y’all can’t wait to put heart eye emojis under their IG pictures talmbout “#RelationshipGoals,” but as soon as this woman entered into a decent relationship with a decent man, y’all wanna throw shade and try to call her a bad mother??? NO! The devil is a liar!

Let these people live their lives! If Baby Future can have a nice, kind, rich, Christian step daddy who doesn’t drink sizzurp, then let it be! You hate women so much, and your fake man pride is so loud, that you can’t even hear how stupid you sound. And that’s all I have to say about THAT!




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