New York Magazine New Cover Is Gripping: “Cosby: The Women. An unwelcome sisterhood.”



New York Magazine’s website crashed Monday morning for at least six hours and remains down. However, crashed site and all, their new magazine cover has created quite a buzz.


The issue has interviews with each of the accusers, who described the alleged incidents in harrowing detail, including their difficulties in getting people to support them. The cover is powerful, picturing each of Cosby’s accusers (35), with the date of their alleged rape shown underneath their images.

As most of you know, this story has been quite controversial for many reasons. Most of usĀ unable to separate Bill Cosby the comedian from Bill Cosby, the person.

Though a lot of people are still not convinced that Cosby is guilty of…well ANYTHING, many people have chosen to severe ties with the embattled comedian due to the allegations. Most recently, Spelman college terminated a professorship endowed by Bill.

There is also a building on Spelman’s campus that is named after Bill’s wife, Camille Cosby. I wonder what will end up happening with that?


Then today, after the NY Mag cover was revealed, this happened on Twitter–

Wow. Frankly, everything about this is painful. What is your take on the NY Mag cover, and these women that have come forward to share their own personal stories about the trauma they’ve experienced outside of the Cosby case?


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